Life Changes + How I’m Taking Back My Body

Lately I’ve been so ill. It has me mentally and physically drained. I’ve been hit with SAD and the sun hasn’t come out for days now which makes everything feel worse.

My stomach has been extra bad lately, I fortunately have a referral to a gastro doctor but I want to take this in my own hands in case they prescribe medications. On the plus side though we rescued a dog!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my post looking for solutions to sugar addiction. I got so many great answers and will be utilizing them but I am also determined to quit cold turkey.

I’m continuing with meditation, yoga, morning teas to relax before kiddos wake up, those practices make me feel better. Especially when I get home from dropping my oldest off to school, my youngest goes back to bed and I do yoga on an empty stomach then follow it up with a nourishing breakfast.

It’s not really the meals that are getting me sugar wise, it’s the boredom or emotional eating. Which makes it so hard to quit.

I’m seeking inspiration from my all time favorite strong female bloggers who eat healthy, plant based and live their best life. (I fully plan on writing a blog post linking you to those who inspire me as well as some new recipes because it’s been a while.)

Also, I plan on posting on here more often, for accountability and to share recipes of course. But I also plan on sharing what I ate that week, vegan meal plans for myself and my kiddos, what I buy at the co-op both produce and bulk, etc. So watch out for those!

I’m really excited to begin this new journey to be my best self, hopefully cure my ailments, and take my body back! You can follow me on Instagram as @rawish.eliza. Have a great day!

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