The Next Step

So, if you’ve been following along with my blog posts and Instagram posts, you’ve gotten a look into how messy and chaotic my life is.

A hemorrhagic cyst was found on my right ovary so Tuesday I had an appointment for a follow up to that. I was told itll have to be checked every month until it’s gone.

One thing that I totally did not expect but probably should have, is birth control to come up.

We havent had a need for it as my husband got a vasectomy but the gyno thought it would be a good option at preventing future cysts as well as alleviating those pesky period symptoms that have left me down for a few days each month.

They gave me two different options as some other health issues and medications I’m having to take make it to where I cant take the pill. So I had the choice between an IUD and nexplanon. (Totally not plugging anything, just sharing my experiences on this and will frequently update if someone wants an update)

I chose the nexplanon. It’s supposed to be good for three years, and in some cases itll super slow down your period or even stop it (crossing my fingers for either one 🤞).

The procedure was super simple, I think the longest part was waiting for the mandatory pregnancy test to get back from the lab before getting started.

So they give you an injection for a local anesthetic. Once that sets in they take the special instrument with the nexplanon loaded into it and inject it into your skin and set the nexplanon. It was over super fast. Minus some bruising it doesnt really hurt.

A side effect I was warned about was weight gain. So I have to quit my crazy junk food binging and eat properly and super exercise so I can maintain my weight. So get ready to see tons of healthy food posts, like the berry oatmeal burcha topped smoothie pictured rather than my usual baking 😭.

Everything posted was just my experience. In no way am I giving anyone medical advice, you should always do what you think is right for your body! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

So this was the next step. Next week is the next next step where I go to see an allergist to see if my chronic nausea is due to underlying food allergies. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Have a great Thursday everyone!



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