Turning From Retail Therapy To Minimalism

My closest friends know that I used to have a HUGE shopping problem. It started off with clothes. Moved on to shoes. Then, when I started having vertigo from reading off my kindle fire, it turned to books.

I’ve turned to retail therapy as soon as I had my first job at 16. It wasnt about just buying something to buy it. It was having a bad day in an extremely toxic relationship and thinking that the adorable pair of shoes I saw at Ross were exactly what would make me feel better. That is how I kept dealing with things.

It’s extremely embarrassing how much money I have wasted on things that I wanted but didnt really need or even fully enjoy for that matter. I’m also ashamed to say, its put my family in a bind a few times because I was having a super stressful day with the kids and thought $100 in books would help instead of taking five minutes to sit outside with a cup of iced coffee (homemade of course)

It’s been a few months now since I’ve even purchased anything for myself for strictly ‘retail therapy’ reasons. The other day I caught myself going to the thrift shop to find some sun dresses. When I got there I realized what I was doing and instead of buying anything I just spent some time trying on really cute dresses (totally put everything back!) and left, and that actually worked for me. As a matter of fact, I have been clearing out a large amount of things including my books and I’m selling them to raise some money to take my kiddos out for a weekend to Door County before it gets all snowy.

I’m starting to find other ways to seek out comfort. Such as making myself coffee and sitting outside in the evening. Or meditating on the porch in the morning. I’m honestly living for being outdoors right now since it hasn’t gotten cold here yet. Anybody else who has worked through this have any tips or even going through the same problem? I would absolutely love to chat!



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