Hitting the expectations wall

Recently, I hit the year and a half mark of being low waste and minimalist. Yay celebration!!! πŸŽ‚ BUT, in complete transparency, I hit a hurdle in my amazing journey. My family. But that’s totally ok!

I’ve been trying since we started to instill the same passion into them that I have and a few times it seemed to be sticking then they would fall off the wagon. Whether it be a new toy or a bag of doritos. At first I was extremely frustrated about it, but then I realized I cant force them to want to do this. If I kept going on that path with constant resistance I would eventually hit a breaking point where I would just give up. It’s better to at least be making a difference even if nobody around you is.

Moral of the story: you cant force someone to do something they just aren’t committed to. It’s also totally acceptable to do your own thing, even if you have a family around you. They’re going to continue their journey and I’m going to continue being vegan, low waste, and a minimalist.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!



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